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The ethic of reverence for life constrains all to seek the occasion to give animals any aid for all cruelty inflicted to them by humans.
Albert Schweitzer

Why us?

IWET company was established in response to growing demand for veterinary implants and instruments.
We are the first in Poland to design, produce and market products for the sole and exclusive use of animals.

The shape, size and other key parameters are consulted and then tested by veterinary surgeons and then entered into the offer. Materials from which we manufacture implants are certified to comply with the standard classifying implantable materials. The technological process of production is based on the latest standards and technologies currently available in the industry of manufacture of medical devices. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of implants and surgical instruments. We are not an importer and dealer of stencil products. We can design and make implant for individual order based on X-ray, CT image or sketch.

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